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Your DCB TravelCash Card offers you a host of benefits and services when you travel overseas.

Universal Acceptance: The DCB TravelCash Card is accepted virtually everywhere across the world at over 30 million merchant establishments accepting Visa cards. You can use your card for cash withdrawals in the local currency at over 1.5 million Visa ATMs worldwide. Though the base currency of your card is in USD / EUR / CAD / GBP, you can use it to withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in. This card cannot be used in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Safe and Secure: A four-digit ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) is required to authorise transactions at any of the Visa ATMs overseas. No cash withdrawals at Visa ATMs can take place without the use of this PIN which is available only to you. Your signature on the reverse of your card also helps in preventing unauthorised usage of your card at merchant establishments. Please call 1800 103 3225 (from India only) to generate your pin.

Convenience:The DCB TravelCash Card allows you to conveniently make payments overseas. Your card is all you need to withdraw cash from any Visa ATM and to use at Visa merchant establishments. Enjoy complete freedom from the hassle of finding Money Changers and encashing Travellers Cheques.

Loss of Card: In case your card gets lost or stolen, all you need to do is call DCB 24-Hour Customer Care at
+91 22 32811322 immediately, and report the loss of your card.

Lost Card Liability: The DCB TravelCash Card comes with zero lost card liability. This means that in the unfortunate event that you lose your DCB TravelCash Card, the money loaded on to the card still remains safe. All you have to do is report the loss immediately and enjoy zero lost card liability* from the time you report the loss.

Easy Replacement:In case of loss of card or in the event that your DCB TravelCash Card is not functioning due to technical reasons, please call DCB 24-Hour Customer Care at +91 22 32811322 and request for a replacement card. Your card will be sent to your mailing address which is registered with us. To avoid such circumstances, it is always advisable to carry a supplementary card, so that you are able to perform transactions without having to wait for your replacement card.

*Conditions apply

Supplementary Card: You have the option of taking a supplementary card along with your primary card. The supplementary card is ready for active status and you can activate the same at your discretion either by calling
1800 103 3225 (from India only) or by visiting www.dcbl.com. It is recommended that you carry your active supplementary card to avoid any inconvenience while travelling overseas.

Easy Refund: With the DCB TravelCash Card, balance encashment is very convenient. Once you return to India, all you need to do is to visit the DCB Branch (card issuing branch) for a refund of the balance on your card.

Based on RBI regulations from time to time, you can retain your card only if the balance available on the card is below USD 2,000 when you return from your overseas trip. If the balance on your card exceeds USD 2,000, you will need to compulsorily surrender your card and take back the remaining amount in full within 180 days from your date of arrival in India.

Easy Reload: While overseas, you may need additional funds and hence the need to reload the card with additional currency. You need to leave a signed copy of the reload form and authorisation with any of your family members in India. In case you do require to reload your DCB TravelCash Card with additional currency, all you need to do is intimate your family members back home in India. They can then visit the DCB Branch (card issuing branch) and submit the reload form. On submission of documents and on receipt of the payment, your card is then loaded with additional currency as required.

The DCB TravelCash Card can be used for 36 months from the date the first value load happens on the card. Within this period you can use your card as often as you like. You can easily reload your existing card with an additional amount before your next trip overseas.

Online Access: The DCB TravelCash Card allows you to access your Card account online anytime, anywhere in the world with complete ease.

Best Exchange Rates: You can be assured of the best exchange rates when you purchase or reload your card or when you use the same for transactions. When you transact in any currency other than the card currency, you are assured of Visa's favourable foreign exchange rates.

Please Note: Usage of this card is subject to the regulations stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

Dos & Don't User Guide


  • Do not share your ATM PIN with your relatives, friends, unknown people or any merchant  establishments
  • Cash withdrawals are subject to the daily transaction limit set by the ATM network acquirers and are also subject to the balance available on your DCB TravelCash Card
  • In some states / countries, an additional fee is levied on non-domestic cards. Such fees will be debited to your DCB TravelCash Card account by the Bank
  • The list of the Visa network ATMs worldwide is available online at www.visa-asia.com
  • Never use your card to pay for temporary charges overseas, like hotel deposits, car rental deposits, mail order, phone order or for purchases over the internet. Any usage of such nature will be considered unauthorised and the cardholder will be solely responsible for the consequences