Frequently Asked Questions

What are prepaid gift cards? [back to top]
Visa prepaid gift cards are stored value cards that can be purchased and can be used in India anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The cards cannot be reloaded.

What can the prepaid gift cards be used for? [back to top]
Prepaid gift cards can be purchased for gifts, and can also be used for corporate incentives, travel spending and budgeting. The cards cannot be used at ATMs, or like credit cards for purchases on credit.

Can I use a prepaid gift card at more than one merchant? [back to top]
Absolutely. As long as there are funds remaining on your prepaid gift card, your card may be used at any merchant that accepts Visa debit cards.

Can I use the prepaid gift card for online purchases? [back to top]
Online acceptance will vary by the merchant.

What happens if I spend all the funds on my prepaid gift card? [back to top]
Your prepaid gift card will no longer be accepted as a valid form of payment. At this time, you can discard the card or keep it as a special reminder of the person who gave it to you.

What happens if I lose my prepaid gift card? [back to top]
Call or inform Union Bank of India Branch from where it was purchased. If a gift card is lost, Customer Service will close the account and promptly issue a new gift card with the remaining balance of the lost card. There is a fee for this service.

Who do I contact with questions about my prepaid gift card? [back to top]
For prepaid card information, call on Union Bank of India Branches or visit the "Contact Us" section of the prescribed Web site.

How do I use my prepaid gift card at restaurants? [back to top]
We encourage you to use your prepaid gift cards at restaurants that accept Visa debit cards. But you should be aware of your card balance and should understand that, for authorization purposes only, we will automatically increase the amount of your bill by 20% to cover a possible gratuity. In addition, some restaurants have pre-programmed their own card terminals to authorize a gratuity (usually 15-20% of the food bill). Both additions are for authorization purposes and you will only be charged for the gratuity you designate on the receipt. But, the result of adding additional amounts may mean that the restaurant requests an amount larger than your balance and you may be declined.

Can I use my prepaid gift card to "pay at the pump" at gas stations? [back to top]
In order to prevent unintended authorization denials, your gift card cannot be used at a card-activated gas pump. It can be used, though, to purchase gasoline by presenting the card to the clerk at stations that accept Visa debit cards.

What if my purchase exceeds the value on my prepaid gift card? [back to top]
To make a purchase that is more than the available balance on your gift card, you may use another payment method to share the expense of your purchase. This is called a split transaction. Simply use your prepaid gift card to pay for a portion of the purchase amount and a second payment method - check, cash, or credit card - for the remainder. Please note that split transactions are subject to individual merchant policies. When making your purchase, remember to tell the merchant the dollar value on your prepaid card. The merchant will not be able to provide you this information. If you attempt to make a transaction for more than the balance on your prepaid gift card, the transaction will be declined.

What should I do if my prepaid gift card is declined? [back to top]
If you experience any problems using your gift card, please contact Union Bank of India's Branch or clicking "Contact Us" on the Web site.

How do I activate my prepaid gift card? [back to top]
Your card is activated at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase a prepaid gift card online? [back to top]
Unfortunately, prepaid gift cards are only available to purchase at participating branches.

How can I check my available balance? [back to top]
Your available balance can be verified by clicking on "My Account" on the prescribed website. Be sure to have your 16-digit account number ready to access this information.

Can I add more money to my card? [back to top]
Your prepaid gift card is not reloadable. Please visit one of our participating branches to purchase another gift card.

What happens if I have a remaining balance when my prepaid gift card expires? [back to top]
Cards are good until the expiration date on the card has passed. For a reissue fee, a new prepaid gift card will be sent to you.

How long can I use my card? [back to top]
Your prepaid gift card expires as of the date embossed on the card.