Terms and Conditions



In this document the following words and phrases have the meanings set opposite them unless the context indicates otherwise.

  1. Bank refers to Development Credit Bank Limited, a banking company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at 301, Delta Plaza, 414, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 025, India and indicates its successors and assigns.

  2. Card means DCB TravelCash Prepaid Card issued to the customer by the Bank in association with Visa International.

  3. Cardholder refers to a customer of the Bank authorised to use the Card.

  4. PIN means the Personal Identification Number as provided to the Cardholder, to be used for cash withdrawals and balance enquiry at ATMs. The Cardholder shall be responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the PIN. The Bank bears no liability for unauthorised use of the card.

  5. International Transactions refer to the transactions entered into by the cardholder on his Card outside India, Nepal and Bhutan for cash withdrawals, payment for purchases made/services availed at merchant establishments, availing other services by utilising the card at ATMs and / or Merchant Establishments.

  6. Merchant Establishments shall mean such establishments wherever located which honour a Visa Card and shall include among others, stores, shops, restaurants, hotels and airline organisations advertised as honouring the Visa Card.

  7. Terms refer to Terms & Conditions for use of the Card as specified in this document.

  8. Visa shall mean mark owned by Visa International.

  9. Visa ATM Network shall mean ATMs wherever located which honour the Visa Card and displaying the Visa signage / Logo.

  10. In the document, all reference to the CARDHOLDER being referred in masculine gender will also include the feminine gender.


  1. The issue and use of the DCB TravelCash shall be subject to the RBI's regulations in force from time to time.

  2. Utilisation of the Card shall be in strict accordance with the Exchange Control Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In the event of non-compliance by Cardholder with the same, the Cardholder shall be liable for action under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and any other Law and / or regulations in force from time to time relating to Foreign Exchange. The Cardholder may be debarred from holding the Card, either at the instance of the Bank or the RBI. The Card cannot be used for making payment towards foreign currency transaction in India, Nepal and Bhutan. In case the card is cancelled, whether on account of non-compliance with Exchange Control Regulations or otherwise, the Bank will not be responsible for any attempted usage of the Card, whether in India or abroad, resulting in the Card being dishonoured and the concerned Merchant would be entitled to pick up / retain a cancelled Card on presentation.

  3. The Card may be used, within the foreign entitlements as stipulated by RBI from time to time, by Cardholders going abroad for all bonafide personal expenses for personal use, provided the total exchange drawn during the trip abroad does not exceed the entitlement. Import of goods so purchased abroad into India, would be governed by the baggage rules / EXIM policy in force. The entitlement of exchange should be ascertained (prior to the trip) from the authorised dealer branches of the Bank.
    The card cannot be used for effecting remittances for which the release of exchange is not permissible under the extant regulations.


  1. The Card is not valid for payments in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

  2. The Validity Date printed on the card is a Future Expiration. However, the Card can be used only for 36 months from the date the first Value Load happens on the card. The Cardholder shall destroy the Card when it expires.

  3. The Card is accepted at the following locations:

    • Any ATM of Banks which are members of the Visa ATM network abroad (other than India, Nepal & Bhutan).
    • Any Visa merchant outlet abroad (other than India, Nepal & Bhutan).


  1. The Cardholder shall at all times ensure that the Card is kept at a safe place. The Cardholder shall under no circumstances whatsoever allow the Card to be used by any other individual. The Cardholder will sign the Card immediately upon receipt.

  2. The Cardholder will be responsible for all facilities granted by the Bank in respect of the Card and for all related charges for use of the Card.

  3. In case the Cardholder has any dispute in respect of any charge indicated in the statement, the Cardholder shall advise details to the Bank within 30 days of the statement date failing which, it will be construed that all the charges are acceptable and in order. The Bank may not at its sole discretion accept any disputes on charges older than 30 days.

  4. If a Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder must file a report with the local police and send a copy thereafter to the Bank. The Cardholder will be liable for all the charges incurred on the Card until the Card is hot-listed. In case of an unsigned Card, the Cardholder will be liable for all charges incurred on it. The cardholder is required to call DCB 24-Hour Customer Care at +91 22 32811322 and report the loss. The Bank upon adequate verification will permanently suspend the Card and will not be liable for any inconvenience caused to the Cardholder on this account. The Bank will hotlist / cancel the Card during working hours on a working day following the receipt of such intimation.

  5. Once a Card is reported lost, stolen or damaged and is subsequently found by the cardholder, the same shall be promptly destroyed, returned to the Bank and adequate care taken to prevent its misuse.

  6. The Cardholder is responsible for the security of the Card and shall take all steps towards ensuring the safe keeping there of. In the event the Bank determines that the aforementioned steps are questionable, financial liability on the lost or stolen Card would rest with the Cardholder.

  7. Provided that the Cardholder has in all respects complied with the Terms and Conditions, replacement Card may be issued at the sole discretion of the Bank.


  1. The Card is operable with the help of a confidential PIN at ATM locations. To get PIN, call 1800 103 3225 (from India only) or log on to the Bank's website www.dcbl.com. The PIN should never be disclosed to any person or written down where any other person may discover it. Any such disclosure or inadequate protection of the confidentiality of the PIN is entirely at the Cardholder's risk. All transactions conducted with use of the PIN will be the Cardholder's responsibility and he will abide by the record of the transaction as generated.

  2. The Card is acceptable at any Visa ATM network belonging to institutions abroad. The Bank will not accept responsibility for any dealings the Cardholder may have with the other institutions including but not limited to such services. Should the Cardholder have any complaints concerning any Visa ATM network establishment, the matter should be resolved by the Cardholder with establishment and failure to do so will not relieve him from any obligations to the Bank. However, the Cardholder should notify the Bank of this complaint immediately.

  3. There will be separate service charges levied for facilities that will be announced by the Bank from time to time and deducted from the Card account. In the situation that the Card account does not have sufficient funds to deduct such service charges, the Bank reserves the right to deny such transactions and the decision of the Bank shall be binding on the Cardholder. The Bank shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of denial of transactions. The Bank shall have the right to set-off and lien, irrespective of any other lien or charge, present or future, on deposits held in the Cardholder's accounts whether in single name or joint name(s), to the extent of all outstanding dues, whatsoever, arising as a result of the services extended by the Bank.


  1. The Card is acceptable at all electronic Merchant Establishments abroad that display the Visa logo. The Card is for Electronic use only and will be acceptable only at Merchant Establishments, which have an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminal. Any usage of the Card other than electronic use will be considered as unauthorised and the Cardholder will be solely responsible for such transactions. Electronic usage is construed as the charge slip / transaction slip printed electronically from the EDC terminal.

  2. The Card is operable with the help of the Cardholder's signature at EDC terminals installed at Merchant Establishment.

  3. Transactions are deemed authorised and completed once the EDC terminal generates a sales slip. The amount of the transaction is debited from the Primary Account linked to the Card immediately. The Cardholder should ensure the Card is used only once at the Merchant location for every purchase. A Sales slip will be printed each time the card is used and the Cardholder should ensure that there is no multiple usage of Card at the Merchant location at the time of purchase.

  4. The Bank will not accept responsibility for any dealings the Cardholder may have with the merchant establishment including but not limited to the supply of goods and services. Should the Cardholder have any complaints concerning any Visa merchant establishment, the matter should be resolved by the Cardholder with the merchant establishment and failure to do so will not relieve him from any obligations to the Bank. However, the Cardholder should notify the bank of this complaint immediately.

  5. The Bank accepts no responsibility for any surcharge levied by any Merchant Establishment and debited to the Card Account with the transaction amount.

  6. The Cardholder must sign a sales slip whenever the Card is used at a Merchant Establishment and should retain his copy. Any Sales slip not personally signed by the Cardholder, but which can be proved, as being authorised by the Cardholder, will be binding on the Cardholder.

  7.  Any charge or other payment requisition received from a Merchant Establishment by the Bank for payment shall be conclusive proof that the charge recorded on such requisition was properly incurred at the Merchant Establishment in the amount and by the Cardholder referred to in that charge or other requisition as the case may be, by the use of the Card except where the Card has been lost, stole or fraudulently misused, the burden of proof for which shall be on the Cardholder.

  8.  In case, a merchant wishes to cancel a completed transaction due to an error or on account of merchandise return, the earlier sales receipt must be cancelled by the merchant and a copy of the cancelled receipt must be retained in his possession. Refunds of debits due to such transaction will be processed manually and the cancelled sales slip needs to be produced, if called for.

  9. All refunds and adjustments due to any merchant/device error or communication link will be processed manually and the account will be credited after due verification and in accordance with Visa rules and regulations as applicable. The Cardholder agrees that any debits received during this time will be honoured only based on the available balance in the account[s] without considering this refund. The Cardholder also indemnifies the Bank from such acts of dishonouring the payment instructions.

  10. The Card is not to be used at the Hotels during Check-in and also at other locations where paying arrangement is done before completion of the purchase transaction or service.

  11. The Card should not be used for any Mail Order / Phone Order / Over the internet purchase and any such usage will be considered as unauthorised and the Cardholder will be solely responsible.

  12. Quality of Goods & Services: The Bank shall not be in any way responsible for merchandise, warranty or services purchased or availed of by Cardholder from Merchant Establishments including on account of delay in delivery, non-delivery, non-receipt of the goods or receipt of defective goods from the order placed by the Cardholder. It must be distinctly understood that the Card facility is purely a facility to the Cardholder to purchase goods or avail of services and the Bank holds out no warranty or makes no representation about quality, delivery or otherwise how-so-ever regarding the goods or services, and any dispute must be resolved by Cardholders with the Merchant Establishment.


  1. The Bank will debit the DCB TravelCash Account for the value of all purchases of goods or services, cash, fees, charges and payment effected by the use of the Card ("Transaction"). All Transactions will be reflected in the Statement of the Card account, which are linked to the Card.

  2. The Cardholder agrees to the Bank's record of transaction pertaining to his account(s) is conclusive and authentic which will be binding on him.

  3. The Cardholder is advised to retain a record of transactions generated by the ATM/EDC terminal at Merchant Establishments with him.

  4. The Cardholder agrees that he will be allowed to withdraw / purchase only a certain amount of cash every day irrespective of the credit balance in the account(s). This amount will be announced from time to time. Any attempt to violate these limits may lead to withdrawing of the card facility.

  5. The Cardholder agrees not to attempt to withdraw/purchase using the Card unless sufficient funds are available in the account. The onus of ensuring adequate Card Balances is entirely on him.

  6. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect the Bank's right of set-off transfer and application for moneys or law or pursuant to another agreement from time to time subsisting between the Bank and Cardholder.


  1. The use of the Card is allowed for the purposes as per the Exchange Control Regulations of RBI.

  2. As per RBI guidelines in case the amount on account of use of the Card during visits abroad exceeds the Cardholder's foreign exchange entitlements, the Cardholder should provide documentary evidence for the usage of foreign exchange utilised. The Bank is authorised to report the matter to the regional office of the Exchange Control department giving full details.

  3. As per the Exchange Regulations, for every foreign currency transaction the Cardholder should submit a duly completed A2 Form and have his passport endorsed for the foreign currency utilised.

  4.  In case the Cardholder is not contactable or not able to submit the same within the reporting time as specified by RBI, the Cardholder authorises and indemnifies the Bank to fill in and submit the request for purchase of foreign exchange (A2 Form) on behalf of the Cardholder.

  5. The Cardholder authorises and indemnifies the bank filling and submit the request for purchase of foreign exchange (A2 Form) on behalf of the Cardholder.


  1. A Sales slip with the signature of the Cardholder together with the Card number noted thereon shall be conclusive evidence as between the Bank and the Cardholder as to the extent of liability incurred by the Cardholder and the Bank shall not be required to ensure that the Cardholder has only received the goods purchased / to be purchased, or has duly received the service availed or to be availed to the Cardholder's satisfaction.

  2. The Bank accepts no responsibility for refusal by any establishment to honour the Card.


  1. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Bank shall be under no liability whatsoever to the applicant in respect of any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly out of:
    • Any defect in goods or services supplied.
    • The refusal of any person to honour or accept a Card.
    • The malfunction of any computer / EDC terminal.
    • Effecting transaction instruction other than by a Cardholder.
    • Any statement made by any person requesting the return of the Card or any act performed by any person in conjunction.
    • Handing over of the Card by the Cardholder to anybody other than the designated employees of the Bank at the Bank's premises
    • The exercise by the Bank of its rights to demand and procure the surrender of the Card prior to the expiry date exposed on its face, whether such demand and surrender made and/or procured by the Bank or by any person or computer/EDC terminal.
    • The exercise by the Bank of its right to terminate any Card.
    • Any injury to the credit character and reputation of the applicant alleged to have been caused by the repossession of the Card and / or, any request for its return or the refusal of any Merchant
    • Establishment to honour or accept the Card.
    • Any mis-statement, mis-representation, error or omission in any details disclosed by the Bank.
    • Decline of a charge because of excess foreign exchange entitlements as prescribed by RBI guidelines issued from time to time, or the Bank becoming aware of the Cardholder exceeding his entitlements.
    • Decline of transaction due to any reason at a Merchant location/ATM.
    • If access to your DCB TravelCash Card has been blocked after you reported your DCB TravelCash Card lost or stolen.


  1. If circumstance beyond our control (such as fire, flood or computer or communication failure) prevent the completion of the transaction, despite reasonable precaution that we have taken.


  1. The Cardholder specifically acknowledges that the Bank will not be liable in any manner whatsoever by virtue of any insurance cover provided, and that the insurance company will be solely liable for compensation if any, in case the card is lost / stolen and shall not hold the Bank responsible for any matter arising out of or in connection with such insurance cover, and sort it out directly with the insurance company.

  2. The Cardholder further acknowledges that the insurance cover so provided will be available to the Cardholder only as per the terms of the relevant insurance policy in force, and only so long as the Cardholder is and remains a Cardholder of the Bank with his account maintained in good standing. On the card/account being cancelled or withdrawn temporarily or permanently for whatever reason, the benefit of such insurance cover shall automatically cease from the date of cessation of Card/account. Further the Cardholder also agrees that even during continuation of his Card/account, the Bank may at any time at its sole discretion and without giving any notice thereof to the Cardholder or assigning any reason thereof suspect, withdraw or cancel the benefit of such insurance cover, and there will be no bonding obligation on the Bank to continue this benefit.


  1. To get information about the remainder balance, please call DCB 24-Hour Customer Care at +91 22 32811322 or log on to the Bank's website at www.dcbl.com. On the home page, under 'Cards,' click on the link 'DCB Travel Cards' and then click 'Access Account.'


  1. The Cardholder may discontinue this facility any time by a written notice to the Bank accompanied by the Return of the Card cut diagonally into two, in the event charges are incurred on the Card after the Cardholder claims to have destroyed the card, the Cardholder shall be entirely liable for the charges incurred on the Card whether or not the same are the result of the misuse and whether or not the Bank has been intimated of the destruction of the card.

  2. The Bank shall be entitled to discontinue this facility at any time by cancelling the Card with or without assigning any reason whatsoever and by giving 7 days' notice and shall be deemed to have been received by the Cardholder within 7 days of posting to the Cardholder's address in India, last notified in writing to the Bank.

  3. The Bank reserves the right to disclose customer information to any court of competent jurisdiction, quasi judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and any other wing of Central Government or State Government.


  1. The Cardholder agrees to indemnify the Bank against all liabilities, losses, damages and expenses which the Bank may sustain or incur either directly or indirectly as a result of :
    • Negligence/mistake or misconduct of the Cardholder.
    • Breach or non-compliance of the rules/terms and conditions relating to the Card and the account.
    • Fraud or dishonesty relating to any transaction by the Cardholder or the employees/agents.
    • ATMs/EDC terminals are machines and errors could occur while in operation. You agree to indemnify the Bank for any such machine/mechanical errors/failures.
  2. The Cardholder shall indemnify and hold harmless the Bank from any and all consequences arising from the Cardholder not complying with the Exchange Control Regulations of the RBI.


  1. The Cardholder shall be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted the terms of these terms and conditions by signing the Card application form acknowledging the receipt of the Card in writing, by signing the reverse of the Card, by performing a transaction with the Card or by requesting of activation of the Card to the Bank/Phone banking or after 10 days have elapsed since the date the Card was dispatched to the address on record.

  2. The Bank reserves the right to revise policies, features and benefits offered on the Card and alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time and may notify the Cardholder of any such alterations in any manner it thinks appropriate. The Cardholder will be bound by such alteration unless the Card is returned to the Bank for cancellation before the date upon which any alteration is to have effect.

  3. The Bank may introduce new services from time to time. The existence and availability of the new functions will be notified to the Cardholder as and when they become available. The changed terms and conditions applicable to the new services shall be communicated to the Cardholder. By using these new services, the Cardholder agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions applicable.

  4.  These TERMS form the contract between the Cardholder and the Bank. By applying for the Card and accessing the service the Cardholder acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will not be in addition to any derogation of the terms and conditions relating to any account to the customer.


  1. These terms and conditions and / or the operations in the accounts of the customer maintained by the Bank and / or the use of the services provided through Card shall be governed by laws of the Republic of India and no other nation. The Customer and the Bank agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts located in Mumbai, India as regards any claims or matters arising under these terms and conditions. The Bank accepts no liability whatsoever, direct or indirect, for non-compliance with the laws of any country other than the Republic of India. The mere fact that the Card can be accessed by a Customer in a country other than India shall not be interpreted to imply that the laws of the said country govern these terms and conditions and / or operations in the Card account of the Customer and / or the use of the Card.